Year 2015


This was a year of rearrangement …

… and a great trip around South Africa.
Beautiful country, happy people and fresh fruits on winter time 🙂
Almost 6000 km by car in 3 weeks.


Year 2014


Next Witcher’s cinematic is done. I completed 100% of clothes setups and simulations.
I participated in making few commercials for companies like Pepsi, Kellogg’s.

… and greatest event of year: The Trip !

Two months of traveling around India and few places in Thailand with Anna.
About 20 000 km, two backpacks, fulfilled curiosity, seven stitches ;D


Year 2013


Two big projects were in this year. One is The Witcher cinematic, and second …
…is a very secret project, (sorry I have NDA). I can write only that there was 3 months of clothes simulation, over 30 minutes animation, almost 2000 simulations, over 20 characters.
With two highly motivated people and cBatch it is possible! Sophie, THANKS!
Proven in battle again.

Year 2012


That was a year of automatization of simulation.
cBatch is very helpful, …more than nCloth ;]

Two sim cloth projects A.D.O.L. and Dream 2030.
I was involved in 8 commercials, some fluids and particles simulations…

… and there was no end of the World on 12-12-12, hurray 🙂 !!!

Year 2011


In this year I did simulations for 11 commercials for such products as: Fanta, Orbit, Lays, Felix and Tesco.
A lot of fluid simulation, but most of time I spent on cloth simulation.
There was also simulation of horde of squirrels ; ]

More challenging than the commercials is working on three larger projects for example „POT” and „Prezydencja”, but it is still nicer to see the effect of the work on the animation such as Witcher !

Year 2010


That was an exiting year.
A lot of changes, dreams came true.
I was involved in pipeline improvement and first VFX for commercials: „Orlen – Dakar” and „TVP – oprawa”.