New tool is coming SimBatch – simulation manager
Tool for simple and complex simulations, as well for single shot and multiple sequences,
…with focus on caches and prevs versions management.

Flexible defined schemas with predefined variables allow to embrace almost every situation. Implemented support for muti projects and multi users makes this tool useful for animation studios.
There are situations when SimBatch is very useful tool:
– when you need simulate a lot of shots using common base setup
– when you want test variations of simulation parameters
– for other masive operations (exporting, importing, creating previews, changing parameters)




I designed cBatch for batching a hundreds of clothes simulations by one click ( in perfect situation ;] ).
After preparing setups and defining sequences, this tool can compute simulations, make previews and set proper status.Simulations can be distributed on many simnodes.
It is ready for multi project and multi users data. Technologies used: MAXScript, python, MEL and MySQL.


Maya cBatch UI

3dsMAX cBatch UI

Full cBatch UI,
with all tabs expanded




PI_FTP – first programm for Platige Image, finished in 2010. This tool helps communicate supervisors with freelancers, by comments and dynamic statuses of tasks. Files are stored on FTP server, and users and supervisors can add comments with paintable attachments. Technologies used: PHP, javascript, actionscript, MySQL.



I created many scripts in recent years. Most of them are MAXScrpits. There was also some Python scripts for Maya, Realflow and Mari. Some of them are with UI, and some are in commandline mode. Here are few examples of UI.